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Stellungnahme von Präsident Ma vom 07.04.2014
09.04.2014. Statement by President Ma

1. Since the students began occupying the Legislative Yuan chamber on March 18, the government has repeatedly replied positively to their demands. For instance, I invited representatives of the students to engage in a public dialogue, and agreed to send the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement back to the Legislative Yuan's Internal Administration Committee for deliberations on an article-by-article basis. Also, the Executive Yuan has approved draft primary legislation to govern the oversight of cross-strait agreements, and has forwarded it to the Legislative Yuan for deliberations.

2. Legislative Yuan President Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) stated yesterday (April 6) that prior to passage of a law governing the oversight of cross-strait agreements, he will not convene negotiations between the ruling and opposition party caucuses on issues related to the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement. I wish to point out, with the utmost sincerity, that the statement by President Wang does not in any way constitute opposition to reviewing the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement on an article-by-article basis. The fact is, public opinion polls show that the majority of the public supports the speedy passage of a law governing the oversight of cross-strait agreements, along with concurrent article-by-article deliberations on the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement. Consequently, the standpoint of President Wang does not conflict with the consistent position of this administration. We take a positive view of it. I urge ruling and opposition lawmakers to respect public opinion and act as quickly as possible to begin committee deliberations. I also call on President Wang to coordinate between the caucuses of the ruling and opposition parties so that a law governing the oversight of cross-strait agreements can be passed as soon as possible before the end of this current session of the legislature.

3. As for legislative review of the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement, the ruling and opposition legislative caucuses on June 25 of last year already agreed to article-by-article deliberations and article-by-article voting on the agreement, which was the earliest demand of the students when they occupied the legislative chamber on March 18. I urge the opposition parties not to overturn the joint resolution reached by the ruling and opposition parties, and to cease engaging in parliamentary obstruction aimed at preventing the continued review of the agreement in committee. Otherwise, they will be acting against the wishes of the majority of the public.

4. I affirm the decision by the students to withdraw from the Legislative Yuan. This will enable the legislature to return to normal operation so that lawmakers can deliberate upon legislation that affects everyday lives, which is what the vast majority of the public wants.

5. Given the difficult environment and challenges that we face externally, Taiwan needs to be united, and to continue moving forward. And this objective is shared by all the people of this nation. I urge my fellow countrymen to unite, forge consensus, and work together for the future of Taiwan.

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